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Minimal Rotating Disc Wall Clock

  • This large fluffy fella is one of the most adorable plushies we’ve seen! Measuring a full 19.7″ (50cm) from ear to feet this giant sloth sure is an armful. With exceptionally soft fur he’ll be the most popular (and huggable) character in the house! 

    Cute/Kawaii Unique Large Sloth Plushie Soft Toy

  • What’s more magical than a unicorn? A pandaicorn of course? When you combine the two cutest creatures around you get this little guy who comes with lighting horn which lights up to magical chimes and an enchanted melody. He’s so unique you won’t find him in shops!

    Cute/Kawaii unique Pandicorn Animated Plushie

  • Alpacas are officially the cutest toy around and there’s nothing cuter than a LED rainbow alpaca! This super adorable llama is made of natural soft white plush on the outside and also features a unique function of glowing in dark too!

    Cute/Kawaii Unique Rainbow Alpaca LED Plushie

  • What’s cuter than a Shiba Inu Dog? A Shiba Inu crossed with a loaf of bread of course! Be the envy of your friends with this uber-cute and unique Kawaii Unique Shiba Dog Bread Plushie Soft Toy. Use as a pillow, collect all the expressions and sizes or just gaze in wonderment at its adorableness!

    Cute/Kawaii Unique Shiba Dog Bread Plushie Soft toy

  • Love Dogs? You’ll love this super adorable plump Corgi or gorgeous Shiba Inu toy depending on how you want to see him! Cuddle, use him as a pillow or a companion or just wonder in amazement as his super cuteness!

    Cute/Kawaii unique Shiba/Corgi Dog Plush Soft Toy

  • Can’t get enough of super cute foxes? Well, these guys are the cutest foxes around! Squishmallows are the best cuddle and squeeze plush toys around and these lovable foxes serve as a comfort, a pillow, a cute collectable or just a bedtime buddy!

    Kawaii/Cute Red Fox Squishmallow Plush Toy